Dec 29, 2011


Young and energetic Malay men living in the kampungs often indulge themselves in a game called Takraw (a.k.a. foot-volleyball). It's a native Malay game. Familiar in almost all over south-east Asia, with different names in different countries though.

The rules of Takraw are much like volleyball except for it is played with foot i.e. you have to kick the ball out of your court. To elaborate it a little more, two teams of players on either side of a court partitioned into two equal halves by a net hang across the middle kick a ball across the net. A team scores if ball touches the ground on other side of the net. The ball is about the size of a coconut without the husk, made of woven rattan canes, it's hollow inside and the weaving pattern allows 20 small holes on the ball. For a better and detailed description of the game, I suggest consulting other sources.

Takraw requires higher level of physical fitness and control over your own body than volleyball. A player would often hit the ball with a standing kick at chest or head level. Or he might hit it with a flying kick and the follow through would require him to do a somersault or back flip in mid air to land on his feet. What I like most about watching Takraw is this demonstration of fitness and control.