Dec 9, 2011

Jus Gelas Besar

The Chinese Malaysian girls are great; the ones from Kuala Lumpur made me immune to the charm of exposed female legs. Many of them wear ridiculously short shorts or mini skirts. Being born and brought up in the country of sari clad ladies, the exposed legs were a novelty to me. Having seen so many legs throughout the day, I became immune by sunset.

But on a serious note, they are really great. The first two Malaysians I met were U-Jean Ch'ng and Adeline Lee, both Chinese Malaysians. U-Jean taught me some words from Bahasa Malayu. Adeline donated 1.00RM in my quest to Malaysia after I had got the visa. She also helped me out by providing directions to several places around KL over phone or text. Grateful to these ladies, "Terima Kasih".

On my fist day in KL, the first sign that I managed to read and interpret all by myself said "Jus Gelas Besar 2.00RM". Means "Big Glass of Juice for 2.00RM". Just a few weeks back in Dhaka while walking across a slum with U-jean, she had said "Besar is big, kecil is small". I passed this knowledge to Euzawa. Whether he has passed this to someone else remains unknown.

I went to that place later to check how besar was their gelas. It was quite besar!