Dec 9, 2011

Bangla signs in KL

After spending the night at LCCT, I took the first bus to KL. From KL Central took a subway train to Jalan Petaling a.k.a China Town. The guidebook said I could find cheap hotel/hostels in that area. I walked out of the subway station looking for a sign that says "Hotel", "Hostel" or "Guest house".

I found something better. I found a sign written in my language saying "Bangla market". As I neared it, I saw a big flag of my country on another sign, bigger than most of the ones we see back home. I walked towards the flag and found myself standing on a street full of shops with Bangla signs on them. I had found the Bangla Street in China Town of the Kuala Lumpur city.

I walked to the first shop in front of me. Asked the man working there to show me a hotel. The hotel he suggested had two more of my countrymen working in it. Soon I met some more. Before it was 24 hours in KL, I had started to feel at home. Thanks to all the immigrant Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia. Salute to all these hard working people; the remittance* from them keeps our feeble economy alive and the support from them makes newcomers feel at home in KL.

*Bangladesh received $11.7 billion as remittance in 2010