Aug 3, 2012

Tibbetan bread

As the name suggests, Tibetan bread is a food of the Tibetan diaspora of Nepal. A minor variation named Gurung bread can be found in some areas, e.g.: Sarangkot. Its basically a flattened dough with three parallel slits cut in the middle deep fried in oil. The Gurung bread has two slits and a few herbs infused in the dough. The bread is usually eaten for breakfast with Su Ja, the butter tea. People eat food with high fat content to fight Himalayan cold, the Tibetan bread is no exception.

In this video, Sanjay Magar is seen deep frying a Tibetan bread for our breakfast one morning. Some of my cooking skills and most of the Nepali language skills are learned from him. I think he is the best Chef in Manang.

The Tibetan bread also serves as a good travel food. Locals often carry this on long journeys (read walks). The bread becomes stiff in the cold, but that's not a problem. You can heat it over a small fire and it will be warm, floppy, and delicious again in minutes.