Jul 28, 2012


A nicely blown up chapati makes chef Sanjay happy

Almost every restaurant on the around Annapurna circuit serves Chapati in breakfast. Chapatis are also known as 'Roti' or 'Ruti' in some parts of South Asia. I used to make a sandwich with a fried egg tucked between two chapatis. It packs good amount of energy and fibers; good trekkers' breakfast.

Baking a chapati
Making a chapati is very easy. One has to make dough with white flour and water, a pinch of salt is also added. Dough is rolled flat like a pancake. Then baked on a pre-heated skillet. First let one side bake well. When bubbles forming on the surface become large, you'll know it's time to flip the chapati. Then wait till the whole thing blows out like a balloon. Serve your chapati while warm and soft. It becomes hard once it cools down.

The simple recipe and short cooking time also makes it things easy for your chef. There is hardly anything that can go wrong with making a chapati.