Jul 17, 2012


The iconic Nepali snack momo has Tibetan origin. From the tibetan diaspora of the himalayan parts, the delicious dumpling spread to all parts of the country. A good example of culture diffusion.
momos waiting to be smoked or fried
Didi making momo

Making of momos is very simple. Flour and water dough is rolled into a thin sheet, then cut into round shapes with a dice. The round skin is pressed into the shape of a small bag on the palm of hand.
Then filled with either minced meat, vegetables or cheese. After filling up the bag is closed by pressing edges together in a beautiful pattern (see photo). The dumpling can be either deep friend or smoked. Smoked momo takes longer to cook, but it's worth the wait.

In some tourist spots, one could find sneakers bar or mars bar momo too. Buffalo momo can be found all over Kathmandu, worth a try if you are not vegetarian. Vegetable momo is even better, specially the spinach-cheese momo. Every didi makes the fillings in her own way, so be prepared for taste, flavor and texture variations across Kathmandu and the country.