Aug 8, 2012


A Nepali man enjoys Ara, around mid-day
Heard this rhyme from Tashi R. Ghale, who, in his good sense of humor calls this a summary of Nepali lifestyle in the mountains.

Bihano khaunchha Rara
Dinso khelchha Para
Beluka khaunchha Ara

Eat Rara in the morning
Play Para during the day
Drink Ara in the night
Rara: Noodles-soup, popular meal in the Nepali Himalayas
Para: A Nepali board game
Ara: Home brewed booze

But this does not necessarily mean you cannot indulge in one element of the Rara-Para-Ara triad at some time of the day not typical of it. In fact, I've seen people having Rara as branch, lunch, and dinner. Have seen more people indulging in Ara throughout the day. Brewing Ara or alcoholic beverages at home serves as a way of preserving excess grains. Small shot of Ara in the middle of the day gives hardworking mountain people some extra bits of energy to scale those mountains 5000m above sea level while carrying a 50kg load on his back with the Doko-Namlo. And what about Para ? They play it throughout the day; whenever they have time.