Mar 31, 2013

Eat at Auroville

Auroville has a number of places to eat. Some accept cash and all of them accept the aurocard.

Solar Kitchen
offers good lunch and dinner. Mostly vegetarian South Indian cuisine with a few side dishes from other parts of the world. Can easily be turned into a vegan meal too. Accepts aurocard only.

La Terrace
A nice restaurant on top of solar kitchen. Good coffee, ice cream and pastries. Can hang out in the shade of large trees. WiFi hot spot. Accepts auro card only.

Italian pizzeria in Kuilapalayam. Very good food cozy atmosphere. Mosquitos can ruin the experience, so remember to put on bug repellents.

Vegan raw food restaurant near Ganesh Bakery. The carrot pie is delicious. Green smoothie is no less awesome. Accepts cash.

Farm Fresh
small neat restaurant near Auroville Bakery. Sells good keffir. Also pastires, cookies, pickels, nuts etc. WiFi hotspot. Accepts cash.

Auoville Bakery
Makes really good bread and pastires. Nice to have freshly baked bread. Accepts cash.

Ganesh bakery
not very good food. But accepts cash.

Dinesh bakery
On the way from Solar Kitchen to Kuilapalayam. Not very good food, but cheap. Accepts cash.