Dec 15, 2012

Homemade Nepali Beer

Almost every part of Nepal have its own version of homemade beer which is frequently prepared and consumed at home. Often accompanied by small snacks. The beverage is different from what is known as beer in the western world. The organic residues have a strong presence in the form of icky taste, smell or both. Sometimes, its not that bad - its an acquired taste and getting used to with takes a while. Such was the case with Chhang in mountains. Its a great challenge in most other cases though.

Corn beer of Sindhuli

The fluid substance seen in the accompanying photo is homemade beer of Sindhuli. The yellow color (as can be seen in the photo) is due to corn from which this is made from. Citric vomit like taste and smells (which cannot be seen in the photo) is due to the fermentation process. The snacks in the small dish next to are pieces of goat meat. Neither the snack nor the drink agree much with me. But I tried my best not to offend my host. Being a world citizen is not always easy.