Dec 30, 2012

Chennai to Auroville

I'm in Auroville right now. Going from Chennai airport to Auroville turned out to be a relatively simple task. As easy as 1-2-3:
  1. There are prepaid taxi services in front of the airport. Took a taxi to Koyambedu Bus Terminus. Price 250.00Rs.
  2. At the terminus, had to go to the mofussil section. The buses have electronic display on them showing Tamil and English. Had to get on a bus that says "ECR" (east coast road). These buses go all the way to Pondicherry. So I had to ask the helper man to drop me off near Auroville instead of at Pondi. 190.00Rs.
  3. From the drop off point, there were yellow autorikshaws. I took an auto to the visitors center in Auroville. 150.00Rs.