May 5, 2013


Hoppers are excellent local food available at local prices all over Sri Lanka. The local restaurants serve different kinds of hoppers throughout the day.

String hoppers

String hoppers are usually served for break fast. These are basically steamed rice noodles patties. Served with one or two curries and a small pot of sambol. Each person usually gets 10 hoppers per serving. A restaurant named Salgado in Kandy serves very good string hopper breakfast. Its on the Kotugodella Veediya, facing a mosque. A decent breakfast and cup of plain tea costs around 150 LKR there.
Honey hoppers

A little shop named Anthony's in Negombo, right next to the big pink church in Lewis place sells honey hoppers and coconut hoppers in the morning. Honey hoppers remind me of muffin. Coconut hoppers on the other hand, are quite unique. They are white round soft sweetmeat having the taste and flavor of coconut.

Then there are plain hoppers or appam. A rice batter pancake with crispy edges. An egg-hopper is basically the same thing, but an egg is put in the middle while the pancake is being fried. Sri Lankan restaurants serve plain hopper or egg-hopper for dinner. Usually with a spicy sauce.