Apr 6, 2013

Tuk-Tuks of Lanka

Tuk-Tuks are an economic alternative of taxi cars in Sri Lanka. Similar vehicles can be found in neighboring India as auto-rikshaw, in Bangladesh as CNG. But there are a few differences setting them apart from the counterparts in neighboring countries.

Tuk-Tuks of Lanka come in different colors
First of all, one would notice the diversity of colors. Indian auto-rikshaws are yellow with black roof while Bangladeshi CNGs are  green. In the fine country of Sri Lanka however, tuk-tuks come in many different colors; red, green, blue, beige etc. Some also have stickers saying French, German or Russian phrases to attract tourists. More impressive is their interior decoration. Many have soft carpets on the floor and sound systems installed inside. Tuk-Tuks of Lanka are the most luxurious and kitschy ones in South Asia.