Jan 1, 2013

Wheels in Auroville

The Auroville settlements are spread out within a 60 square kilometers area. Better get some wheels to navigate in Auroville. Wheels come in three versions there: bicycle, motorbikes and mopeds.

Bicycles can be rented from one of the few bicycle kiosks. There is one behind the public washroom at the Visitors' Centre. Rent for a bicycle is 50.00Rs per day. Another kiosk is located near the Solar Kitchen. This one provides free pumping and maintenance.

Another alternative is hiring a Moped, a common mean of transportation in Auroville. Its basically a low power motorcycles. Originally designed with bicycle like pedals to allow pedaling once fuel runs out. But pedals were missing on the ones found in Auroville. Hiring a moped is simple, call or meet the guy who rents them to people and book it for your desired length of time. They usually ask for some advance payment or a security money and the rest is to be paid when you give the moped back. There is shop on the main road going to Auroville from East Coast road. He charged 60.00 Rupees per day for a week. The fuel is also on you. They use a mixture of petrol and some other kind of oil. Most of the grocery shops sell it. A liter of that fuel costs 100.00 Rupees.

I did not look into hiring a motorbike, but the procedure should be similar except that it costs more. Have fun getting in and around Auroville.