Sep 1, 2012

Yak Artifacts

Yak plays an important role in Tibetan society. Food, garments, fuel come from the yak. Over the course of evolution, the yak has also found way into their myths and folklore. Here is a collection of artifacts derived from or related to yak, as seen in and on my way to Manang, Nepal.

Yak's head is hung in the front of houses, near the entrance sometimes. Probably considered a good luck charm. The head is preserved by hollowing the skull and then drying in sun.

Yak skull used to decorate the interior of Hotel Mountain Lake. Not sure if it's for good luck or just decorative purpose.

Yak rug in Hotel Mountain Lake. Manangi equivalent of grizzly bear rug, I guess.

Dried yak meat, eaten raw.

Ceremonial yak mask, seen in Manang Heritage Museum.

Stuffed yak head, in Manang Heritage Museum