Feb 11, 2012

Coming Back to Bangladesh

June 29, 2011 Dhaka, Bangladesh

When I came back to Bangladesh for the first time, she welcomed me with her heavy monsoon rain. I got fully drenched in the rain soon after coming out of the airport. Infections on my back and legs hurt from rubbing against my clothes. There was foul smell of an overflowing drain on one side and pleasant smell of fruits from a stall on the other side. There were loud hydraulic horns and almost musical jingle of riksha bells. In front of me was the chaotic Dhaka city. People and vehicles on the streets and footpaths going in every direction. Vehicles about to collide somehow managing to slow down or divert their courses at the last moment. It's like a chaotic dance performence.

Yes, I was back in Bangladesh. My sense of touch, smell, hearing and vision has been overwhelmed. The only unattended sense was taste which could be taken care of easily at the tea stall on the other side of the street. I stepped out on the street and joined the chaotic dance.